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fallbaby  » 2022-05-23 05:07:36

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JordanKicks  » 2022-01-19 09:04:05

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We are happy to announce the return Fake Air Jordan Retro of the great Air Jordan 1 in the original "Neutral Grey" colourway. And of course you will have the chance to get hold of this wonderfully nostalgic shoe with us. The official release date is set for February 10th. At the end of this post you will find out how you can get hold of the AJ1 in this classic colorway in our Overkillshop.

JordanKicks  » 2022-01-19 08:42:36

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Today we finally want to bring you closer to a beautiful Air Jordan 1, which will soon be available from us in the Overkillshop through the usual raffle. The global release Fake Jordan 1 For SaleFake Jordan 1 For Sale of this shoe is scheduled for Saturday April 17th, 2021. Here you can read how the latest version of the Jordan 1 is structured in terms of colour.
Next to the Nike Dunk, the Air Jordan 1 is the shoe of the hour. Where hour is rather deep-stacked, because if you think about it seriously, you quickly realize that the Air Jordan 1 hype has been going on for several years now and is therefore en vogue for a while longer than the Dunk mentioned。
One can speculate on which shoe will ultimately lose the love of the fans, but we are not involved here. If we're honest, you have to admit that both models are true classics that only a few silhouettes can match in the sneaker cosmos. Both the Nike Dunk and the Air Jordan 1 were originally designed as basketball shoes in 1985 (Dunk) and 1986 (AJ1) respectively. Today, both have fully arrived in the lifestyle segment and are hardly ever worn on the court, because modern shoes are in demand there that go through