rFactor 2 - Megjelent a 300-as Build javítás

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Az ISI javában dolgozik az rFactor 2-őn, melyet nagy várakozás kísér.


Alig pár napja jelent meg az új build, az ISI máris kiadott egy újabbat, amely 298-asnál tapasztalt hibákat javítja.


Megjelent az rFactor 2 legújabb, 298-as buildje, ami számos újítást tartalmaz, valamint egy új demot is kiadott az ISI.

Link: 298-as build

Added “FuelLevelDigit*” to cockpitinfo.ini.
Changed when the low fuel warning comes on.
Work-in-progress on restoring vehicle state upon race rejoins (server optional).
Added new constraint system that supports chassis flex and more. Not 100% ready for primetime yet.
Removed “hand held” functionality from cameras when cycling through cameras in spectator mode.

Made some improvements to reflection mapping.

Improved default tracking cam values.
Implemented a “clear all cheat values” for a specific path because the old way required selecting all waypoints to be cleared first.
Added option to only show selected camera’s activation zones.

Fixed bug where uninstalled components were polluting inventory during loading.
Fixed memory leak.
Fixed some ttool problems when writing out TGM files.
Fixed random message box spam during recon lap.
Removed FlushPreviousFrame option from plr file to eliminate confusion, this param was moved to config.ini a year ago.
Added fail-safe to make sure pit exit eventually turns green in race.
Prevent pit exit from getting stuck at red during an early safety car.
Fixed client confusion when restarting weekend after another client has left a race.
Fixed a bug with incorrect use of bloom in showroom.
Fixed a problem with track bar geometry introduced a while back (doesn’t affect any current ISI content).

Probable fix for multiplayer AI cars parking in wrong pit spots and blocking garages.
Fixed AI chatting in response to contact (apology or anger depending on perceived fault).

Now uses a single port for simulation data. +port is the command line option. Simulation port in multiplayer.ini.
Can now run server and client on the same machine.


Megérkezett a legújabb rFactor 2 Build, immár a 218-a számú, a legútóbbi óta elég nagy előrelépés történt, a letöltési link után lássuk, hogy pontosan mik is:


 Update 14 (Build 218) Changelog (May 20, 2013):


- Modders tracks may need a very minor update if they don’t already have Vertex Alpha at 99.99%, to trigger the billboarding without the side-effect of transparency.
 - Possible MP lag/stutter when player disconnects
 - Possible alt-tab crash (we have not been able to recreate yet)
 - Wet Weather transparency issues, fixed in upcoming (short timeframe) build
 See knownissues.txt for more

 - Fixed problem where particles were mis-aligned across viewports in multiview
 - Fixed a problem where side views could become un-synced with center view in multiview
 - Fixed a shadow-related bug if shaders were initially compiled by showroom
 - Fixed several issues with showroom when used with non-HDR mode
 - Improved monitor replay view in multiview
 - Fixed some overlay bugs in instant replay in multiview
 - Changed render order of side views in multiview to fix lagging problem
 - Improved rain look
 - Re-enabled wet skids
 - Fixed a bug causing inconsistent fog among channels in multiview
 - Fixed a bug loading default HDR profile
 - Fixed uncoordinated rain drops in multiview mode
 - Improvements to fullscreen showroom display in widescreen and multiview modes
 - Fix for multiview shadow error when tree wind is 0
 - Fixed a bug with re-initializing letterbox manager
 - Improved instant replay overlays in multiview mode
 - Fixed a bug when switching to a non-multiview res, where multiview was still being used
 - Fixed replays in multiview mode
 - Restrict mem bar display to realtime only
 - Fix location of reflection map display in multiview mode
 - Fixed a bug with fire being non-alpha

 - Finally finished the V05 interface of internals plugin by adding calls to handle a lost and reset device. Note: any plugins that ignored our warning that V05 was a work-in-progress will crash.
 - Improved the places where we call the plugins’ InitScreen() and UninitScreen() functions.
 - Added ignition/starter state to plugin telemetry data.
 - Made changes to allow plugins to draw in the options.
 - Added UI location (main/loading/monitor/on-track) and UI page to plugin ScreenInfo structure.

 - Fixed downforce calculation in draft: BodyDraftLiftMult and DiffuserDraftLiftMult were accidentally negated. Wings and fenders already worked correctly. Regardless, some vehicles may need to be slightly re-tuned for behavior in the draft.
 - Improved the automatic collision hull generation for front and rear wings.
 - If re-attaching a wheel, fix to re-attach the relevant suspension bits as well.
 - Small improvement in collision response.

 - Reduced maximum volume passed into sound library because too many sounds at full resulted in distortion. Similarly, the maximum player and opponent volume ratios in the options is now 100% rather than 200%. Users may need to readjust settings or speaker/headphone volume to compensate.
 - Computed player and opponent volumes on the fly so UI options would take effect immediately, and be correct for who is controlling the vehicle.
 - Added the ability to set vehicle sound attenuation variables separately for inside vs. outside sounds.
 - Automatically upgrade trackside sound effects to use exponential attenuation if they are still using old attenuation; also consolidated the related PLR file attenuation variables.
 - Ambient sound effects can now use exponential attenuation like the vehicles do.

 - Added a PLR file option “Temporary Replay Keys” which allows the instant replay arrow keys to act permanently rather than temporary. The default remains temporary.
 - In replay, space key now toggles between play and stop.

 - Increased component/mod verify level from None to Normal
 - Using additional criterion to differentiate between cmps with same name/version

UI / HUD / Options:
 - Playerfile variable “Auto Install Uninstalled Content In Packages Directory”, if set to 1 will auto install all uninstalled content in packages directory on start up of regular game (not dedicated server)(default is 0).
 - Added plrfile option for transparency AA (defaulted to On)
 - Fixes for various showroom problems.
 - Added a “download in progress” button that only appears when we have a component download in progress.
 - Added PLR file option “Start Engine” for whether you want it automatically started
 - Fixed vehicle labels in monitor
 - Fixed mp lobby issue were the UI would show the incorrect session name in the server description scroll box
 - Fixed bug where HUD relative tach would use the deafult 10,000rpm maximum value instead of the real car value if the car’s cockpick tach was set up not to be relative.
 - Corner damage states in HUD now represent body and/or suspension damage.
 - Turn off time acceleration when moving to another session.
 - When loading default or scripted weather data, set to sunny if file not found (instead of old way of leaving weather state as whatever it was before….usually rainy)

 - Fixed a ModMgr bug which prevented a mod made from updated cmp(s) from installing against existing full (non-updated) cmp(s)
 - Fixed a ModMgr bug reporting MAS file sizes of upated cmps
 - Fixed a ModMgr bug with availability of updated mods/cmps
 - Component/Mod names now limited to 32 bytes
 - Ambient Sounds are not movable with arrow keys + left ctrl. Fixed bug where Start Skill, Wet Speed, & Corner Caution RCD parameters would not save from editor. AIW path lateral position now moves X10 as far with right ctrl down + arrow.
 - Added justification info to text items that can be added to HUD.
 - fixed HUD value range for TVOP_tachNeedleAbsoluteMax in HUD editor (-1 means relative rpm gauge {max is determined by car setup}, any other non-zero number means that’s the top range of the rpm HUD gauge)
 - Now allow custome needle names for speedometer, tachometer, and boost meter (all used to be hardcoded to “needle.tga”)
 - Added ability to remove yellow flag to puppet master mode.

 - Fix for broken replay display in triple head mode.
 - Also fixed a possible deadlock when trying to resume a race from replay.
 - Stopped resetting the camera to the starting driving view when toggling fullscreen in replay.
 - Fixed an intermittent crash if you were a pending driver and the weekend was restarted.

 - Fixed bug where after changing mod, some AI cars would be unable to load the correct RCD file thus resulting in very bad driving.
 - Attempts to make AI that are running wide notice and do something about it before smashing full speed into buildings next to the road…(historics on spa).
 - Minor adjustment to some driver RCD editor to keep some parameters within meaningful bounds.
 - Adjusted algorithm related to RCD parameter “UnderSteerEffectOnLineMulti”, so that AI looks at more immediate road curve to determine if he is sliding out (in order to adjust driving line out to maintain useful front wheel grip levels). Recommended range for this parameter is 0.50 (most sensitive to front wheel grip lose) to about 1.5 (less sensitive). default is still 1.0.
 - Added a new playerfile parameter “AI Logic Override” that can disable specific AI behaviors using a bit field. Currently only one behavior is toggle-able: use of the “blocking” line….which is disabled when this parameter is set to 1.

 - Fixed Mod download that failed to complete would prevent future successful attempt to install
 - Offer only actual mods, not multicmps, as choices to start a dedicated server.
 - Changed it so clients joining during the race session will now load cars in the garage whose drivers have left; this is a precursor to being able to rejoin race sessions after a disconnect. A positive side effect of the fix is that we can now have more than 32 AIs in multiplayer (if the mod, track, and network settings allow). A negative side effect is that a player converted to AI doesn’t exit until a new track is loaded; for example, you can leave or get disconnected during a race, only to rejoin and see a duplicate of yourself driving around as an AI if the weekend was restarted. That will be addressed in the near future.
 - Attempt fix for driver swap “name confusion”.


A 156-os build után íme a legfrissebb, ez már 2 számmal nagyobb azaz a 158-as számot viseli. Új tartalom ezúttal sincs benne, viszont annál több javítás.


 Update 13 (Build 198) Changelog (March 28, 2013):

 Adjusted reflection parameter
 Re-enabled rain spray
 Tweaked rain spray algorithm so that light spray doesn’t last as long as heavy spray
 Adjusted minimum water depth to create rainspray
 Narrow the rainspray slightly if car is only partly over wet track.
 Fix for misaligned sun in reflection map
 Fixed minor math problem in “Moving Rearview” algorithm that caused mirrors to reflect forwards if you moved your seat halfway towards them.
 Added a color space transform to HDR processing
 Now using a more accurate gamma conversion after HDR processing

 Small tire tool improvements

 Changed default Cut* GDB variables to match the ones at LRP.
 Found some problems with driver swap.
 Convert drive-thru’s to stop-go’s if there’s effectively no pitlane speed limit (like in historic mods).

 Added controls to increase/decrease FOV (find the mappings under the ‘SEAT’ tab, not the ‘CAMERA’ tab).
 New Controller.ini variable “Reset Steering Wheel Range Time” feature to fix the steering wheel range (to fix issue with Logitech wheels losing track randomly.)
 Doubled the default value for controller.ini variable “Off-road multiplier” to counteract reduced off-road terrain bumpiness values and also because tire parameters have been refined over time.

 Fixed bug where ATAC selection was not displayed upon entering mod picker page.
 Added some HUD variables to position tire/damage overlays seperate from the background car map image
 Added in-between steps for custom HUD digital tachometers for better precision. Remaining backwards-compatible, the available settings changed from (SDID_RPM1, SDID_RPM2 … SDID_RPM23) to (SDID_RPM0H, SDID_RPM1, SDID_RPM1H … SDID_RPM23, SDID_RPM23H). Note that the RPM range used for these come from the cockpitinfo.ini value TachometerRange which is also used for analog tach’s.
 Added HUD values “RearFlapDetected” and “RearFlapActivated” in addition to the existing “RearFlapStatus” which appears to mean it is allowed but not currently activated.

 Fixed a problem when using a full path in the plrfile Packages dir
 Fixed some bugs in ModMgr
 Added component filtering option to ModMgr in Options menu
 MAS2 now starts up from last location, also multimonitor mode startup is improved
 Fixed waypoint selection/deselection bug in dev mode

 Fixed problem with g-force meter that caused it to pause briefly but repeatedly.
 Fixed crash when upgrades change number of possible values for a garage setting and that garage setting is using special values.

 Allowing ai driver’s “start skill” an upper limit of 150 from 100 to allow them to react to the starting gun as fast as a human can.
 Fixed AIs blowing up on grid in timed races

 Addressed one part of issue where sometimes a client gets delayed significantly when the server changes session
 Changed default minimum voters from 2 to 1.
 Fixed tire wear multiplier for player vehicle.
 Fix for broken default temp car
 Implimented a way to propagate multiple *.dds for loose skins in multiplayer games. Easiest way was to allow *.mas files containing all the loose dds files as player livery so only 1 file needs to be transfered. So if you have a loose skin with multiple DDS’s, put them all in a mas file (with the same base name as your base dds) in the loose skin directory and the game should correctly load them and transfer them in multiplayer games.


Február utolsó napjára az ISI még kiadta az rFactor 2 legfrissebb, 156-os buildjét. Eget rengető újdonságokat nem tartalmaz, viszont annál több javítást.


================================================== ===
 Update 12 (Build 156) Changelog (Febuary 28, 2013):
 ================================================== ===
 Fixed shaders bug with vertex color adjustments
 Fixed headlight bug where headligths would lag one frame behind
 Fixed broken tire temp indicator on HUD MFD
 Attempt to fix occasional smoke problem with transparent trainer
 Fixed some issues that happen when upgrades make a change in the number of tire compounds
 Added “hard” anti-stall.
 Made anti-stall a feature that can be permanently enabled rather than depending on anti-clutch driving aid (HDV: “”AntiStallLogic” =1″, default is 0)
 Fixed HDV variable GraphicalOffset so that x&z values don’t affect normal driving physics (y value never did; note they all affect collision, though)
 “RearFlapZoneSessions” and “RearFlapWetThreshold” should also be allowed in the RFM (in addition to the GDB); “RearFlapZone” remains the same, GDB-only
 Converted TBC parameter “WetWeather” from boolean to floating point value so AIs could judge the level of wetness handled. Exactly zero should still be used for dry weather tires, for the sake of rules.
 Added new optional algorithms for engine brake map.
 UI / HUD:
 Fixed bug on main menu vehicle button if there are no cars installed
 In controls menu, highlight controls currently being activated (helps me remember what button is what on my wheel)
 Added new playerfile variable “OPT_UI_KeyNav” that toggles keyboard navigation of options.
 Removed useless HUD parameters
 Fixed the situation where replays of races would crash right after track load
 Updated ModMgr UI
 Prevent AI cars from fueling if race parameters disallow it.
 Fixed a bug where 2 clients that have the same custom skin names would sometimes see the other skin on their local car.


Megjelent a legújabb Build, a 146-os, mely számos újítást és javítást tartalmaz, többek között már a DRS-t is használhatjuk.

Update 11 (Build 146) Changelog (Febuary 4, 2013):

 Modified skybox gamma
 Added ability to specify that one part must break off before another does
 Added “postrequisites”, other parts that must fall off if one part falls off.
 Make front and rear flaps disappear if associated front and rear wings get detached.
 Allow multiple (up to 4) prerequisites for detaching a part.

 Allowed DRS zones to apply to race only or to all sessions. This should probably go in the RFM rather than the GDB: “RearFlapZoneSessions=16″ for race-only, “RearFlapZoneSessions=31″ for all sessions including test days.

 Better tire abrasion computation.
 More accurate ride height measurement (works on non-HAT surfaces now, too).
 Small optimization in RealRoad processing.
 Introduced tire rubber degradation model.
 Realtime tire properties can no longer operate outside of their quasi-static analysis range (to prevent physics blow-ups when the tire gets really hot, for example).
 In the tire tool, turn off wear as well if thermodynamics is disabled.
 Temperature display added to +ttool realtime section.

 Broke out car lateral movement detection into two parts, one for the front and one for the rear, so that algorithms could more accurately access the situation. The specific issue fixed was one where a car losing front grip would take a wider turn was not appropriate for chicanes based on the condition and position of it’s rear end.

 Switched names of HUD mappings “Driving Aids” and “Vehicle Status” to match how they actually worked.
 Added g-force trace and driving inputs to replay monitor page..
 Fixed screenshots in UI.
 Added RFM tree list and an RFM picture gizmo for new RFM tree list picker page.
 Picking car again auto-selects the same class for opponents (accuracy depends somewhat on classes listed in the VEH).
 Partly fixed the issue where you can sometimes see garage setups from other cars, although the real issue is an asset problem.
 Fixed bug where main page vehicle display wouldn’t come up with the proper player vehicle until you select it from the vehicle selection page.

 Fixed occasional crash-on-exit bug

 Fixed it so that dedicated server defaults to previous RFM in list box.
 Added upgrade-only classes to the list of available vehicle classes that the server can choose. This should fix the “Spark_F2B” (winged F2′s) problem.
 Added custom skin propigation between clients in multiplayer game. In Multiplayer.ini “Download Custom Skins” must equal “1″ for the server and all clients (there is also a checkbox in the Display tab of the Settings pages). The custom skin path for your skin should look like, “UserDataplayerSettingsISI_SkipBarber_2012SKIPBARBER_05Altskin1.dds” where “ISI_SkipBarber_2012″ is the name of the component this vehicle is from and “SKIPBARBER_05″ is the Veh file name (minus the “.veh”). NOTE: skin names must be less than 10 characters wide, not including extension.
 Added dedicated server option to allow/disallow skin transfers.

 Fixed reporting of tire longitudinal force to plugins
 Fixed a problem in Max exporter when exporting vertex alpha from Vertex Paint modifier

 Allow more than two visual tire compounds, and store/transmit that data in replay/multiplayer.
 Fixed ancient bug that prevented replay fidelity from working exactly as intended.
 Added code to not load a replay if the mod could not be loaded.

 Fixed some sorting and display problems in ModMgr

Letöltés: .exe
               . torrent


Sok előzetes után az ISI elérhetővé tette a Corvette C6.R-t, ez eddigi stratégiától eltérően nem egy buildel együtt kaptuk meg, hanem külön tölthető tartalomként. Alább egy videót láthatunk, melyben Pablo Lopez teszteli az autót.


Tim Wheatley csinált egy beszélgetést Terence Groeningel, melyből pár dolgot megtudhatunk a visszajátszásról.

A visszajátszás mindenképp mentésre kerül, offlineban és onlineban egyaránt, kivéve ha letiltjuk. Minden fontos infót tartalmaz, ami a folytatáshoz kell. Legközelebbi indítás során szimplán belépünk a replay menübe, és a jobb alsó sarokban lévő Resume gombra kattintva tetszőleges pontról folytathatjuk a versenyt, valamint flashback-ként is használható, sajna ilyenkor azonban hideg gumiról folytatjuk.

Ami még érdekesebbé teszi, hogy offline is versenyezhetünk. A recept egyszerű: elkezdünk egy adott hétvégét, majd a saját etapunkat letudva elküldjük a replay fájlt ismerősünknek, aki letudja a sajátjáét, majd visszaküldi nekünk, és így tovább. Hátulütője ennek is a hideg gumi effektus, így érdemes boxkiállás után váltani, valamint az autóbeállítása is alapra kerül vissza. Viszont az időjárás és az útfülelület tulajdonságai megmaradnak.


Továbbra is érkeznek a képek a jövőbeni rFactor 2 tartalmakról, az ISI ezúttal a Camaro GT-ről rántotta le a leplet.


Az rFactor 2-höz sorban érkeznek az újabb és újabb buildek melyek az esetek nagy részében csak javításokat tartalmaznak, ezentúl azonban új tartalmakat is várhatunk melléjük, melyekhez képeket is mellékeltek. Ezeken a Corvette C6.R GT 2-őt, a Nissan 370Z-t és a Nissan GT-R-t láthatjuk, mindezt a már korábban megjelent Lime Rock pályán.

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