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The five-paragraph essay is the most basic form of essay, and it is taught during middle school in order to teach students how to construct essays logically and consistently. Once students get used to writing essays in this format, they move on to writing more complex and lengthy essays and that's where the service comes to their rescue which write college papers for money Regardless of how lengthy an essay is, it has a similar basic structure. A five-paragraph essay consists of three basic elements. The first paragraph is the introduction, and it must be correct from the beginning to grab the reader's attention.

The next phase is the main body which comprises three standalone paragraphs but they must be in accordance with the main theme of the essay. In this section logical arguments along with facts and figures are provided. It must consist of elements and examples backed by solid evidence as to be able to convince the readers about a certain viewpoint. The last and fifth paragraph is the conclusion of an essay to wrap up everything. It has to be strong and must leave a strong impact on the readers. The purpose of this article is to homework help history you some useful tips as to write a five paragraph essay. Please keep reading the article to find out how a five paragraph essay is written.

The first Paragraph

As mentioned above the first paragraph of a five paragraph essay is always the introduction. It has to be strong and spot on right from the beginning to entice the readers to read the entire essay. One of the best ways to do this is to ask a question from your readers’ right in the beginning so the readers continue to read your essay in search of an answer. A question is something that helps evoke curiosity among the readers and with that they are compelled to continue reading the essay in search of an answer. One thing that you always must keep in mind is that the question must be in accordance with the main theme of the essay. If you ask a question that has nothing to do with the main theme of the essay than you can end up confusing your readers and you will fail to achieve your main objective. Another way to grab readers’ attention is to provide interesting statistics but once again you need to make sure that it is in accordance with the main topic of the essay. Try to be as direct and to the point you can be in the entire essay. Avoid anything that has nothing to do with the main theme of the essay as to avoid confusing your readers.

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